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FNF VS Mickey Mouse Sunday Night S Rookies

FNF VS Mickey Mouse Sunday Night S. Rookies (V1) Credits

Role Name
Owners Rookie Team(Official)
Owner Scotty COCk
Director, Artist, Animator Scotty COCk
Co-Owner, Voice Actor Hall Monitor
Artist NotQuba432, Choccy, AlittleWormAnimation, Sonicth1991, Skylar Film Studios
Promo Artist Choccy
Background Artist Sonicth1991
Icon Artist Skylar Film Studios
Composer JPR.xml, Lunacy, woodys smores, azuwure, Mr. Spectacles
Charter Bootlegsuck2020, sussybendy, Quinnt, pamduro, azuwure
Animator AlittleWormAnimation, GamingCharBroken
Main Coder sossy baka769
Coding Support dengerDenger
Special Thanks
TheShipySea (Gave us permission to make the mod)
azuwure (being just really cool, and letting us use Twisted)

Dive into the eerie and captivating world of FNF VS Mickey Mouse Sunday Night S. Rookies (V1), a mod that takes a dark twist on the beloved Disney icon. The Rookie team, known for their work on VS Mouse, presents a chilling retake on the original Sunday Night S mod, immersing players in a creepypasta-inspired narrative where music becomes the key to altering fates.

In this version, you’re greeted with a version of Mickey Mouse far removed from his cheerful, animated self. This Mickey Mouse, drawn from the depths of creepypasta lore, manifests as Mouse.avi, bearing the weight of sadness and darkness. The mod challenges Boyfriend to engage in a musical battle against this haunted version of Mickey, with the goal of using the power of rhythm and beats to bring a semblance of joy back to the distressed character. However, Girlfriend (GF) and Minnie Mouse are notably absent from this mod, adding to the isolated atmosphere and the intensity of Boyfriend’s mission.

Sunday Night S. Rookies offers players a rich experience with four songs in its Version 1 release, featuring overhauled sprites and a revamped soundtrack that deepen the immersion into this twisted world. The developers promise even more content in the future, hinting at an expanding universe that’s both intriguing and unnervingly dark.