FNF Vs Pibby: Glitched Legends – Play online & Download

FNF Vs. Pibby: Glitched Legends


Role Names
Director, Coder, Sprites Dusttoybonnie
Co-director, Coder Mr Fazbear
Co-director, Animations, Sprites Monika 7u7
Main Musicians jiwoxguy, DCLC, Luftballon, Just_Salty, Ziro Ultimate
Musicians hNation, Visummum, JBlitz, Gabriel ML, Samuel Aken’Ova, LuckiiBean
Artists tall tricky, omegafinn, FRAK
Coders Arthur Naas, Unholywanderer04
Charters Kelpek, Sanc
Discord Moder Plauser

Dive into the chaotic world of FNF Vs Pibby: Glitched Legends, a colossal mod that merges Friday Night Funkin’ with the Come and Learn with Pibby! concept, creating a universe where beloved characters from various franchises have been corrupted. This ambitious project pulls together an ensemble cast including the likes of Peashooter from Plants vs. Zombies, Red from Angry Birds, Ben 10, and the cunning Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, all twisted into malevolent versions of themselves. But the corruption doesn’t stop there; icons like Tom and Jerry, Vicky & Timmy from Fairly OddParents, Monika, Pico, Homer Simpson, Fred Flintstone, Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick, Teen Titans’ Robin, Oswald, Mickey Mouse, Sonic, Tails, and the characters from The Amazing World of Gumball and Monika again, have all fallen victim to this digital plague.

FNF Vs Pibby: Glitched Legends is not just another mod; it’s an expansive crossover event, offering more than 12 weeks of content with over 30 songs to challenge your rhythm skills. Each character brings their own unique flavor to the battles, with special game mechanics and notes that reflect their origins and the corrupting force that’s taken hold of them. This mod elevates the FNF gameplay experience with personalized cutscenes that delve into the backstories of these corrupted legends, customized menus that immerse you into this glitched universe, and a vast array of scenes and backgrounds that transport players across the diverse worlds of the involved franchises.