Confronting Yourself (FFMix) – Play online & Download

Confronting Yourself(FFMix)


Role Name
Programmer SnowTheFox
Artists AnotherNormalPerson – Artichao
Charter JannTheJuicebox
Composers Penkaru – Zeroh

Gamers and rhythm legends, gear up for an electrifying collaboration in the FNF Confronting Yourself (FF Mix) mod, where our boy BF teams up with the iconic Sonic to take on the ominous Sonic.exe. This mod isn’t just a battle; it’s a narrative-rich experience that pits our heroes against one of the most chilling villains from the Sonic universe. What makes this mod stand out are the two distinct endings it offers. Nail those notes and keep your combo up to secure a triumphant victory over Sonic.exe, or miss the mark and prepare yourself for a darker conclusion. The fate of BF and Sonic in this high-speed showdown rests in your hands.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into this thrilling encounter. Sonic.exe, known for haunting game discs with his eerie presence, brings jumpscares and a chilling atmosphere to the rhythm game scene. But fear not, for Confronting Yourself has been crafted with care and a nod of approval from the humorous Penkaru, making this challenge officially unofficial and not to be missed. As you jam through the track, remember, there’s no losing in this song, just different outcomes based on your performance. Choose to play your best for a satisfying conclusion or deliberately aim for the alternative ending out of curiosity. Plus, a heads-up for the tech-savvy: this mod utilizes shaders for an immersive experience, so if your rig isn’t up to the task, toggle them off to keep the game running smoothly.