FNF Vs Chara Remake – Play online & Download

This ambitious remake of the original VS Chara mod expands the Friday Night Funkin’ experience with a touch of Undertale and Deltarune, offering new songs, tougher challenges, and enhanced graphics that fans of both games will appreciate.

FNF Goodbye World

FNF VS FNF Vs Chara Remake Credits

Role Name
Director – Main Programmer SnowTheFox
Pixel Artist anothernormalperson
Charter JannTheJuicebox
Intro + Menu Code SunSpirit
Composer (Megalo Strike Back) Rishimazza
Composer (HYPERLINK RELOADED) seeksstuff
Original VS CHARA Creator s0kudo
Inspiration J-Bug
Boyfriend Battle Sprites Addicted2Electronics
Inspiration Chino’s Animated
Tester Sammu_
Tester TrashJunkies1
Tester JerTheMusicBear
Tester z0r0live
Tester dRev
Tester Landimizer

The remake features more challenging versions of the songs compared to the originals. Notably, Boyfriend ventures into the Undertale world to face Chara, the first human to fall into the Underground, in a series of rap battles. Although Girlfriend doesn’t appear in the mod, Boyfriend shouts out to her during one of the battles. The gameplay is set to very hard mode across all songs, increasing the challenge for players.

FNF Vs Chara Remake Special Features and Updates

  • The mod uses the iconic “Megalo Strike Back” track in one of its freeplay songs.
  • A mysterious special guest appears in the narrative, adding an intriguing twist.
  • As a work-in-progress demo, the mod is poised for further updates, adding more content over time.

FNF Vs Chara Remake Installation Guide

This mod is designed for the Psych Engine, version 0.6.3. Players interested in installing the mod should refer to tutorials specific to adding mods to the Psych Engine to ensure correct setup.