VS Cheese FULL WEEK (FNF MOD) – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cheese is a new MOD for FNF that includes a new week of quite quality to the game, and that stands out for some pretty funny details that at least to me have won me from the second one.


VS Cheese (literally we are facing a piece of cheese, this is getting more and more) contains 3 new songs that in general have a very well adapted style to FNF, and the vocals combine quite well with the musical base. The difficulty of the charts in this MOD is low/medium, as almost any player can get through it in the first few attempts without any problems. The songs also have small sections of well-known songs, which you will be able to recognize (at least some of them).

Regarding the artistic part, this MOD is quite well designed (besides using Mic’d Up Engine, the engine with the best menus for the game), and both Cheese’s skin and background are quite decent. The detail that most differentiates this MOD from the first minute, despite being silly, are the vowels along certain points of the week (or on the home screen itself), which I find super funny and very successful for a MOD in which we face a piece of cheese.

VS Cheese Phase 3

Definitely one more MOD to add to the list of recommended MODs that can offer a good time of quality FNF gameplay. It is clear that it is no wonder, but the level of the greatest is very very high, and not always can appear MODs of such quality.

New features of VS Cheese FNF MOD

  • New full week for the game
  • Very funny vowels throughout the MOD.
  • New character: Cheese
  • New background.
  • 3 new songs

Latest updates for VS Cheese MOD

  • v1.0 – Full Week

Download VS Cheese for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download