FNF VS Lucky Boy FULL WEEK – Download MOD

Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Lucky Boy is a new MOD for FNF in which you will be able to face Lucky Boy, a character that was going to be used for the original game but in the end was discarded. In this MOD, BF and GF are converted to tiny size by Daddy Dearest, and it is after this when both of them meet Lucky Boy, who will end up helping them to regain their normal size.

FNF VS Lucky Boy

In the new week of FNF VS Lucky Boy you can access 4 new songs for the game. All of them are of a rather calm style and feature relatively easy to beat charts, except for the fourth and last song, which is a bit more complicated. In this last song you will be able to face the most powerful version of Lucky Boy, besides being able to enjoy other special effects that accompany this confrontation.

It’s a pretty interesting MOD, especially in terms of the musical content it adds, and all the accompanying cinematics and dialogues. It also includes an additional confrontation against a different version of Lucky Boy, which can be accessed from the freeplay menu.

New features of VS Lucky Boy FNF MOD

  • New full week
  • New character: Lucky Boy (with 3 different versions).
  • 5 new songs.
  • A complete story shown through dialogues and cinematics.

Download Friday Night Funkin’ VS Lucky Boy

Windows link – Download

Mac link – Download

Latest updates for VS Lucky Boy

  • v1.0 – Official Full Week Release.