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Download Friday Night Funkin’ VS KadeDev FNF MOD – New release for FNF that includes a new week for the game where we will have 5 unreleased songs. The MOD comes backed by a great Modder of Friday Night Funkin, KadeDev main creator of the Kade Engine and other high quality MODs such as VS Zardy, VS Whitty Addon….

vs KadeDev

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As we said previously, the MOD features a new week and 5 unreleased songs, which for being its release version is quite content. The songs have a high tempo, and are quite well crafted in that they are very enjoyable to listen to as well as to play. The tunes are very catchy and have a touch of modern Chill Out type music which is one of the most surprising things about the MOD.

Visually, it is a correct MOD, VS KadeDev, does not bring an overwhelming amount of content, since BF and GF will have their original Skin of Friday Night’ Funkin, and the only new character that appears for now is KadeDev. We will have a single Background in which we will face this rival, that yes the Background is quite worked with many characters that may be familiar to us watching our duel, and with animations in each of them.

New features of VS KadeDev FNF MOD

  • Full Week
  • 5 new songs.
  • Musically this is a very high quality MOD.
  • New Character: KadeDev.
  • Customized Background.
  • Custom home screen.
  • Customized home screen.

Download VS KadeDev for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v 0.1.0 Full Week