FNF Super Mario Bros Funk Mix DELUXE MOD – Play Online & Download

Download FNF Super Mario Bros. Funk Mix – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us another MOD inspired by the classic Super Mario Bros. video games. This is not the first MOD related to this theme for FNF. However, we must say that without a doubt we can say that it is one of the best to date, both for its atmosphere and its content.

Super Mario Bros. Funk Mix DX

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Super Mario Bros. Funk Mix DX offers us two new playable weeks for Friday Night Funkin’ it includes a total of 17 unreleased songs to date. The songs in general lines have a retro touch similar to those of the Nintendo games. In addition, among these songs is an additional Bonus Track, designed to play two players, something very innovative. It is a MOD that is a true masterpiece, not only for its new mechanics but also for the wonderful design that perfectly imitates the retro Mario Bros. video games.

Throughout the weeks we will be able to have epic battles against characters such as Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Tails, Boo, Waluigi, Cheep Cheep, Bom-omb, Bullet Bill, Portal M4R10, Wrecking Crew and King Browser. Of course, this time there is also a princess to save and it is GF. This is a MOD with a spectacular level of quality that offers everything you need to be a bomb: new animations, lots of levels, plenty of references to Mario games, custom content such as backgrounds, and skins menus. As if all this were not enough, we also have a new game mechanic in which we will have to dodge the attacks of King Boo while singing in the musical battle. In short, playing this MOD will fill you with nostalgia, fun, and good music. You can’t miss it!

Download Super Mario Bros. Funk Mix DELUXE Update for Friday Night Funkin’

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New features of Super Mario Bros Funk Mix Deluxe FNF MOD

  • 2 new playable weeks.
  • Many characters to face.
  • 17 new songs.
  • 2 players mode.
  • New mechanics.
  • Custom backgrounds.
  • Cinematics.
  • Custom menu.
  • Spectacular Super Mario Bros. environment.

Latest MOD updates

  • v.DELUXE Full Week.