Friday Night Funkin’ Network (FNF NET) – Download MOD

Friday Night Funkin’ Network (FNF NET) is a new MOD for FNF that allows us to play online in 1v1 multiplayer mode in a very simple way, without the need of external hosts or port-forwarding. It is the best tool that has emerged in terms of simplicity, since in just a couple of clicks you can be in a room playing 1v1 against a random player.

FNF Network

In FNF Network you will have the possibility to create 1v1 rooms and join them using the unique code of each one. One of the advantages of this new MOD for multiplayer is that it already includes a number of famous songs from MODs included, so we have a good repertoire of songs available right after opening it the first time.

In terms of total features, FNF NET cannot be compared to FNF Multiplayer or FNF VS, as both alternatives are much more complete. The only great point in favor of Friday Night Funkin’ Network over the two options is simply its simplicity, and the speed with which we can access a room without having to configure absolutely nothing.

How to play FNF online with a friend using FNF NET?

As we have mentioned, using this new MOD is extremely simple. To be able to play with a friend, you will simply have to access the Create Match option and choose the song you want (remember that to access the menu of special MODs songs you will have to press the M key).

Once you have created the room, you will need to provide your friend with the room code so that they can enter it into their MOD and join. When you’re both ready in the room, just click ready for the showdown to begin.

What songs are included in FNF Network?
For now, and after the first release, the list of famous MODs songs available is as follows:

  • Mid-Fight Masses: Parish, Worship, Zavodila, Gospel.
  • Starlight Mayhem: Echoes, Artificial Lust, Inverted Ascension.
  • VS King: Empty, Limbo, Portal.
  • Blueballs Incident: Incident, Rage, Redemption, Sadness.
  • VS Tabi: My Battle, Last Chance, Genocide.
  • Retrospecter: Genocide Remix.
  • Vs Hex: Dam, Ram, Hello World, Glitcher, Encore.
  • VS Sunday: Bi NB, Marx, Valentine, Madness Sunday.
  • Vs Dave: House, Insanity, Furiosity, Bonus Song.
  • Vs Shaggy: Where Are You, Eruption, Kaio Ken, Whats New, Blast, Super Saiyan, God Eater.
  • VS Kapi: Myaw, Hairball, Wocky, Beathoven.
  • Vs GhostTwins: Hat Tip.
  • VS Garcello: Headache, Nerves, Release, Fading.
  • VS Agoti: Screenplay, Parasite, Agoti.
  • VS Tricky: Improbable Outset, Madness, Hellclown, Expurgation.
  • VS Whitty: Lo Fight, Overhead, Ballistic.

Download Friday Night Funkin’ Network – Online Multiplayer MOD

Link – Download

Future updates are expected to add many more features to this new multiplayer FNF MOD, which can perhaps bring it up to par with the other two options on the market. For now, it has brought something new that will surely earn it a place among the best options for playing multiplayer FNF.