FNF Jump! Jump! Jump! (FNF VS Toadette) – Download MOD

Download FNF Jump! Jump! Jump! (FNF VS Toadette) – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ inspired by Mario’s music video game: Mario Mix. This is a MOD that brings us content that is inspired specifically in chapter 2 of the game, offering a really well worked visual content and a very well done scenario that will certainly remind us of Mario Mix if we have played it. In addition, we will have Toadette as the protagonist of the musical battle. The MOD offers us a new song called “Jump! Jump! Jump!”, which includes a whole show, we can see a lot of characters from the video game Super Mario Maker as spectators: Mario, Luigi and Daisy in builder version and the shy guys. As we can imagine it is a colorful background which looks really good, we will also see all the characters performing animations to the rhythm of the music. In its music section, the MOD stands out for including melodies from the Mario videogame and offering a difficulty level worth trying.

Jump! Jump! Jump! (FNF Vs. Toadette)

Download FNF Jump! Jump! Jump! (FNF VS Toadette) for Friday Night Funkin’

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New Features of Jump! Jump! Jump! (FNF VS Toadette) FNF MOD

  • New week
  • New characters
  • New song
  • Custom background
  • Inspired by Mario Mix

Latest MOD Updates

  • v1.0