FNF VS Goku Week Funkin Ball Z – Download MOD

Download FNF VS Goku Week Funkin Ball Z – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes content based on Dragon Ball Z, in which we can enjoy a musical battle between BF and Goku himself. It is a MOD that stands out especially for its graphics, as it offers designs with great detail.

VS Goku Week Funkin Ball Z

Funkin Ball Z has a new week with 3 new songs in which we will face two new characters. Unfortunately, this MOD was canceled and its last song was incomplete, so we will not be able to enjoy it. Likewise, we won’t be able to enjoy Goku’s transformation to Super Sayan either, which is quite a shame because it sure would look good.

Focusing on the content that is available, we have custom home screen and menu, Dragon Ball-inspired background and a stylized design for the characters. As for its music section, it offers songs with a fairly upbeat rhythm which include a high level of difficulty.

Download FNF Funkin Ball Z (VS Goku Week) for Friday Night Funkin’

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New VS Goku Week Funkin Ball Z FNF MOD Features

  • New week
  • 3 new songs
  • 2 characters and a transformation
  • Custom background
  • Custom menu
  • Custom home screen

Latest MOD Updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week