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FNF VS Stickman

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Stickman is one of the biggest surprises of recent times in FNF. It is a high quality MOD that brings us Stickman, a character against whom we will have to fight a musical battle of great caliber. We must remember that Stickman is an animated character taken from the Jzboy series. The MOD brings a combination of an exceptional music, a great animation, touches of humor…

VS Stickman

Regarding the music we will have a new week available for Friday Night Funkin’, in which we will have 3 unreleased songs: Sticking Song, Fight Song and Serious Song, but it doesn’t end here, we will also have more songs available in the Freeplay menu, as well as 2 secret songs that we will have to unlock with the password sanessdgfhrzhzerh-by-moro which must be entered in the MOD data song.

Graphically, this is a very successful MOD, as we will have different backgrounds, several characters … But undoubtedly one of the best aspects of the MOD are the animated scenes (Cutscenes) which are very well worked.

Undoubtedly this is one of the most recommended MODs that have been released in recent weeks, and is that we have a lot of content, an elaborate argument, animated scenes that tell this argument in a very visual way, as well as great songs that make the VS Stickman Gameplay is very enjoyable.

New features of VS Stickman FNF MOD

  • A new week.
  • 3 new songs.
  • More playable content in the Freeplay menu.
  • 2 Secret Songs that we have to unlock.
  • Custom background.
  • Cutscenes very well elaborated.

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Latest Updates

  • Versión 0.1.1