FNF VS Skeleton Tricky (Phase 5) – Download & Play Online

VS Skeleton Tricky is a new MOD of Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a spectacular new skin for Tricky in his phase 3, that is to say, in his final evolution. This new MOD only replaces the skin of the third song of VS Tricky, but you can believe me: the skin is so legendary that it’s worth a try.

VS Skeleton Tricky FNF MOD

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If Tricky is already spectacular in its final version, the new Skeleton Tricky is not far behind, and offers a very interesting reversion of the character. The truth is that it is difficult to find any FNF skin more epic than this one, so you could say that it is truly at the level of the MOD. Surprisingly lately fanmade reversals are stronger than ever), as this is not the first reversal to appear for this MOD:

Vs Tricky Skeleton Phase 3

The skin is already installed in the MOD files, so you can play it directly. Remember that the new Skeleton Tricky skin only appears in the third song of the MOD.

New features of VS Skeleton Tricky FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • New Skin for the third song of VS Tricky.

Latest updates for VS Skeleton Tricky

  • v1.0 – Skin release.

Download VS Skeleton Tricky for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download