FNF VS Omega Times and Tribulations – Play Online & DL

Download & Play Online Friday Night Funkin’ VS Omega (FNF MOD) is totally recommended, since it is without any doubt the most complete MOD and with more of those that have appeared in recent months. This MOD not only adds a new character and more than 15 songs in the game, but has a lot of extra content to go along with these main confrontations.

Times and Tribulations FNF MOD

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What’s Included in Times and Tribulations: VS Omega FNF MOD

The MOD has so much content that the best way to explain it well is through a list of all the new features it includes. As we commented, it is a spectacular MOD in terms of quality and quantity of content. VS Omega FNF MOD includes:

  • New User Interface very worked, Mic’d Up Engine style.
  • More than 15 songs among all the weeks included in the game.
  • Collectible item system and unlockable achievements.
  • A new main character (Omega) and 6 additional characters that participate in some of the songs.
  • New original VS Omega week, with a final 6-key confrontation.
  • Different secret codes that unlock bonus songs.
  • New skins for all the original characters of the game.
  • New skins for all the original characters of the game.
  • New cinematics of very good quality (12 in total!)

As you can see, it’s a very complete MOD, which in total adds up to more than 1 hour of content for the game if we add all the new songs it includes.


Although it includes numerous special confrontations, the main week of Times and Tribulations is VS Omega, and contains 3 songs of great quality that include with a special confrontation. In one of the confrontations we will have to ally with Omega to overcome a confrontation that has as main detail that is 6 keys, in the style of VS Shaggy.


If already in itself VS Omega Full Week could be a separate MOD, if we add all the additional content that incorporates Times and Tribulations in FNF, there is no doubt that it is one of the best releases in the history of the game in terms of quality and quantity. We’ll have to see

Latest updates for Times and Tribulations

  • v1.0.5 (version available on FNFunkin) – Multiple bugs fixed after 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3, and 1.0.4
  • Release 1: First official release

Download FNF Times and Tribulations: VS Omega MOD

Link – Download

The MOD does not require installation, just download the file and unzip it to access the .exe file that will allow you to enjoy the new content.