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Download VS Minus Tricky FNF MOD – New release from Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us a FANMADE remake of The Full-Ass Tricky MOD. It is still the beta version of the release, it is in phase 3 and 4, so right now it is VS Minus Tricky Demo MOD, although a definitive release is expected in the near future. As the name suggests it is a Minus MOD, in which the visual appearance of the MOD and Skins are minimalist type.

VS Minus Tricky MOD

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Regarding the music section, VS Minus Tricky still has only one song available that has two phases, and these are completely different from the original MOD. We also have custom Arrows.

As for the look, VS Minus Tricky as its name suggests is an adaptation in Minus format of the original MOD, in which the Skins of the characters change. Although they have a simple and minimalist look, BF and GF are quite well achieved. As for the animations are also quite decent.

In conclusion, this is a MOD that does not stand out for anything, but it has no major flaws either, counting on the fact that it still has little content because it is in the Demo phase.

New features of VS Minus Tricky FNF MOD

  • Remake of the Full-Ass Tricky MOD in Minus format
  • New skins for the characters.
  • Custom arrows.
  • MOD in Demo phase.
  • MOD in Demo phase.
  • Fanmade MOD

Download VS Minus Tricky for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

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