FNF VS Jhonny Rocketfingers MOD – Download

Download FNF VS Jhonny Rocketfingers – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us a new character that we had not seen so far in the FNF community: Jhonny Rocketfingers, a character whose design is that of a stick figure, with sunglasses, and that stands out for carrying all the time a cigarette that is permanently smoking, even so do not think that comes to relax, comes to make things very, very difficult.

VS Jhonny Rocketfingers

FNF VS Jhonny Rocketfingers MOD brings us a great content, in particular we have a new week in which we will face this character, the name of the week is Week Cigarette, in it we will have 3 different songs: Suppish, Brutality and Kickass. The songs are quite good, with a classic FNF style, being very moving and with a certain degree of difficulty.

Visually, despite the apparently simple design of Jhonny Rocketfingers, we must say that it looks very good, and despite its appearance more than meets the expectations of a MOD of these characteristics. In addition, we have some custom backgrounds that have a pretty good finish and that will surely surprise us throughout our adventure.

New features of VS Jhonny Rocketfingers FNF MOD

  • New Week
  • New Songs
  • Unpublished backgrounds.
  • Custom menu.

Download VS Jhonny Rocketfingers for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – FULL WEEK