FNF VS 4chan /V/ FULL WEEK – Download MOD

Friday Night Funkin’ VS 4chan /v/ is a new MOD for FNF very peculiar, in which we will face the mythical /v/ throughout a new week for the game, which contains a style quite different from what we are used to, which makes it stand out from the rest. The quality of the MOD in general is quite high, but the most remarkable thing is undoubtedly how peculiar its characters, dialogues and cinematics are (the content of this MOD can be offensive).

VS 4chan

In addition to aesthetically edit the entire game to give it an sketchy aesthetic, in FNF VS 4chan you can enjoy 3 new songs that have very good charts of a fairly high difficulty level. In addition, to access the additional content (a bonus song VS Canc*r, another quite interesting character), you will have to get through the last song almost perfectly (less than 2 failures), which will allow you to enjoy the Good Ending and a Bonus confrontation.

Every element of this MOD is remarkable, since everything is redesigned following the sketchy style line of the characters that star in it. FNF VS /v/ offers a lot of additional details that make it a very complete MOD, highlighting its new menu, new special notes for some clashes, or the incredible design of both of its characters (the protagonist looks like a union between Kapi and Whitty).

If to all this we add that to access the additional content you have to overcome a really difficult challenge, it could be said that we are facing a very interesting release that you should not miss.

New features of VS 4chan FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • New full week
  • 2 new characters: /v/ and canc*r.
  • 4 new songs.
  • Various new cinematics very funny and of very good quality.
  • New backgrounds.
  • Different endings (to access the good one you’ll have to fail less than 2 notes in HARD MODE during the third song)
  • New menu.
  • New bonus showdown VS Canc*r if you get access to the Good Ending of the week.

Download VS 4chan /V/ for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest updates to VS 4chan

  • v1.0