Tux Trouble FULL WEEK (VS Beastie FNF MOD) – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

Tux Trouble is a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ in which we will face Beastie in 4 new songs of great quality, which are accompanied by a background in movement very well worked. Downloading this MOD is totally recommended, as it is one of the best new releases of recent weeks.

Tux Trouble FNF MOD

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Beastie stands out mainly for its music and charts, which combined result in a very enjoyable week that offers a very enjoyable gameplay. The charts in general are quite easy to beat, as even on the HARD difficulty level it will be quite easy to beat the songs.┬áThe graphical/artistic part of this MOD is quite good, highlighting especially the new Bestie Skin and its final evolution, which is quite epic.

All this content of Tux Trouble is accompanied by new dialogues that set the story of the MOD, including the occasional joke between songs. In addition, the MOD comes with Kade Engine, which greatly improves the user experience when playing.

News Tux Trouble FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

  • A new week with 3 new songs
  • New cinematics and dialogues.
  • New opponent: Beastie
  • New background.

Latest updates for Tux Trouble FNF MOD

  • v1.0 – First Full Week release of the MOD.

Download Tux Trouble FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download