FNF The Squidward Tricky MOD – Download & Play Online

Friday Night Funkin’ The Squidward Tricky MOD is a new reversion in which we will be able to face Squidward, from SpongeBob, is a new week for the game. This MOD uses the original Tricky MOD as a base, replacing in it the different details that make up this new reversion, which even has a new custom menu.

The Squidward Tricky MOD

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Although it emerged as a meme initially, the truth is that this new version, The Squidward Tricky, is one of the best that have appeared for the original MOD (and that there have been many). The only thing that remains from the original MOD are the 3 songs included, while everything else is edited to shape this new MOD.

The truth is that FNF VS Squidward Tricky is a very complete MOD that includes new cinematics, new skins, new backgrounds, and new custom notes (which are shaped like bubbles!). Everything in general is very well worked and, the small bugs it had (such as the lag of the first song) have already been fixed in its latest update 1.2, which can already be downloaded from FNFunkin.

New features of The Squidward Tricky MOD

  • 2 new skins for the game: Squidward and SpongeBob
  • New custom menu.
  • New notes.
  • New backgrounds.
  • New cinematics.

Download FNF The Squidward Tricky MOD

Link – Download

Latest updates of The Squidward Tricky MOD

  • v1.2 – MOD has been updated to fix bugs in the first song