FNF Multiverse Mayhem [Disney] – Play Online y Download

FNF Multiverse Mayhem [Download & Play Online] – New MOD for FNF that groups characters from different Disney titles, such as The Owl House, Gravity Fall or Amphibia. It should be noted that although it includes more than 20 minutes of gameplay, this MOD is still in DEMO phase. When it is finished, it is planned that it will also include songs and characters from Rick & Morty and Stars VS The Forces Of Evil.

FNF Disney Multiverse Mayhem is one of the most popular MODs of the moment, as the different Disney characters that have been chosen are very popular among the community users. It is a MOD that is being developed by a great team of developers, so its final version promises a lot. Here’s a list of the users who are currently working on it: