Kade Engine FNF MOD v1.5.2 – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

Kade Engine is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) developed by KadeDev that focuses on improving the game in different aspects that increase the quality of FNF gameplay. Downloading and installing this MOD will not give you access to new songs and characters, but will apply improvements to other details, such as the frame rate (which has been raised to 120).

kade engine fnf

The most important change in Kade Engine is the one that affects the Input System of the game (criticized by many), which has been modified to better adapt to FNF; it is intended primarily for experienced FNF players, who are looking for that little extra of quality that improves the gameplay within the game. As in other known MODs, with Kade Engine FNF MOD we can change the keys used to play (WASD by default) for more comfortable keys to play at a high level (DFJK).

Another of the details that we like the most in FNFunkin of this MOD is its new statistics system, which will show us our score and our accuracy in the lower area of the life bar of the characters. This function, as well as the improvement in the FPS and the new Input System, is also designed for the most competitive FNF players, who want to take their games to another level. As if all this were not enough, this MOD also adds a replays system, which we had already been able to enjoy in other MODs such as VS Whitty.

The truth is that once you try the experience of playing FNF with Kade Engine, you will rarely want to go back to the original version of the game (which falls a little short for the most tryhard players).

What’s included in the Kade Engine FNF MOD?

  • New Input System, much better than the original one
  • New frame rate cap (120).
  • Possibility to change the default keys of the game from WASD to DFJK.
  • Built-in Replays system.

Latest updates for Kade Engine FNF MOD

  • v1.5.2
  • v.1.3
  • v.1.2
  • v1.1

Download Friday Night Funkin Kade Engine FNF MOD

File Name Kade Engine
Game Friday Night Funkin
Size 140MB
Developers KadeDev
Version 1.5.2
Date 14/06/2021

Enlace Windows – Descargar

Enlace Linux – Descargar

How to install Kade Engine FNF MOD

This MOD does not require installation, as it includes all the necessary files to run on its own. Just unzip the archive and double click on the executable containing the resulting file folder.

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