Fall Guys FNF MOD (Full Week) – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

Fall Guys can now boast a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF), thanks to this new MOD that includes a new week inspired by the famous Fall Guys game. This is the first FNF MOD inspired by Fall Guys that is really worth trying, and looks set to gain popularity quickly.

Fall Guys FNF MOD

The new Fall Guys MOD week replaces the Daddy Dearest week, including 3 new songs (Fall ‘n’ Roll, Sir Falls – a – Lot and Falling stars) inspired by the game. The charts that accompany the songs in this MOD are by no means easy to beat, and can challenge even the most experienced FNF players. The art part of the MOD (the new skin and the background of the week) has a remarkable quality.

The only flaw of this MOD is that it does not have its own week, but replaces week 1; also, not having its own executable file, we will have to install it in the original game to play the new week.

What’s new in the new Fall Guys MOD for FNF?

  • New week
  • 3 songs with new quality charts.
  • New skin, inspired by Fall Guys.
  • New Background to make the MOD even more atmospheric.

Latest updates of Fall Guys FNF MOD

  • v1.0 – First release of the Full Week version of the MOD.

Download Fall Guys FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download

How to install Fall Guys on FNF

You will need to copy and paste the MOD files inside the original game files folder. Windows will ask you if you want to replace the files, and you will have to say yes to everything. After that, just open the game normally and enjoy the new week by entering the Daddy Dearest week in Story Mode.

Fall Guys FNF MOD Trailer and Review (Video)