FNF Crying Cursed Emoji MOD – Download & Play Online

Friday Night Funkin’ Crying Cursed Emoji Over Expurgation is a new MOD for FNF that includes a new skin and a new remix for the song Expurgation from the MOd of VS Tricky. Despite emerging as a bit of a shitpost, the truth is that this MOD has brought together some pretty cool features and functions into the MOD, making it well worth downloading.

Click Here To Play FNF VS Crying Cursed Emoji Unblocked Online

The idea came from the similarities that a user detected between some poses of Tricky and the Crying Cursed emoji. The developer saw it and decided to create a shitpost using this idea. The truth is that it has ended up emerging a quite interesting MOD that, in spite of not being able to leave the shitpost category, it could be said that it is the best of the shitpost.

One of the most interesting details is the new mechanic that allows an emoji to grab our life bar and lower it to minimums, without us being able to do anything to avoid it. It also includes new notes that if we press will take life from us, which are represented with hands like those of the emoji we are facing.

What does FNF Crying Cursed Emoji over Expurgation include?

  • New remix for Expurgation
  • New character: Crying Cursed Emoji.
  • New mechanics.

Download FNF Crying Cursed Emoji over Expurgation

MOD name FNF Crying Cursed Emoji
Game Friday Night Funkin’
Size 17MB
Developers Aight
Version 1.0
Date 16/07/2021

Link – Download

PS: Among the files you can find a txt file that will show you how to install the MOD.

Latest updates of the MOD

  • v1.0 – New skin and new remix.