BeatStreets Tricky v2 Update! FNF MOD – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

The Full-Ass BeatStreets Tricky MOD v2 is the best fanmade reversal of VS Tricky that has appeared so far, and even more so after its latest update, which incorporates a reversal for all version 2 showdowns of the original MOD.

FNF BeatStreets Tricky

BeatStreets Tricky v2 includes reskins for the different characters that appear in the MOD (Tricky, BF and GF). It also includes new songs and charts for each of the week’s showdowns, which are absolute bangers at a level that is hard to match (at least as far as FNF style is concerned).

The Full Ass BeatStreets Tricky MOD

Although there have been numerous fanmade releases of Tricky, the truth is that none has come to completely surpass this one, which after its v2 update is positioned as the undisputed leader of the reversions of one of the most famous MODs of the game.

New features of BeatStreets Tricky FNF MOD

  • New songs and charts for all matchups
  • New skins for all characters (although they are basically recolored).
  • Other details.

Latest updates for BeatStreets Tricky

  • v2 – Upgraded to the Full Ass Game version.
  • v1.

Download BeatStreets Tricky for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download