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Friday Night Funkin’ Slendytubbies (VS Tinky Winky) is an update of a MOD for FNF that was released in early August and was quite successful. It aims to include different weeks to the game, in which we will face different Slendytubbies, characters from the well-known cartoon saga: Teletubbies. So far it was in Demo phase, but with this new release already brings the first week and a preview of the second officially in which we will face 2 of the Teletubbies.

vs Slendytubbies

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As for the songs of VS Slendytubbies, after this update we will have a full week with 3 different songs plus a tutorial in which we will face a Teletubbie, already known Tinky Winky with whom we faced in the Demo version. In addition we also have the preview of the second week in which we will face Laa Laa, of the second week we already have the first song available as well.

Visually the MOD is very well worked, needless to say that our rivals the Slendytubbies are a sinister version of the Teletubbies combined with the horror character Slenderman. The whole atmosphere of the Backgrounds and the songs is of a scary theme. We will have different animated Cutscenes of very good quality that will be telling the story and following the narrative thread of the MOD.

New features of VS Slendytubbies FNF MOD

  • New week available
  • Different songs:
    • Tutorial in the first week.
    • 3 Songs in the first week.
    • Advance of the Second Week.
  • Week 1 vs. Tinky Winky.
  • Week 2 vs Laa-Laa.
  • High-quality animated scenes.
  • Horror theme.
  • Some new mechanics like the 8 Keys Mod we have available.
  • Customized backgrounds

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