VS RON B-Side (FNF MOD) – Download FNF Addon

FNF VS Ron B-Side is a fanmade expansion of Bob’s Onslaught, a very popular Friday Night Funkin’ MOD. With VS Ron B-Side you can access a new skin for the original week’s opponent, so you will need to download the original MOD first.

VS Ron B-Side

This MOD includes, besides a new skin for Bob, new charts for the only song included, plus different little sound edits along the song. It is nothing spectacular either, but these small expansions for the most popular MODs of the game are always appreciated.

To enjoy this new release you will have to install its files in the original MOD, whose link you have at the beginning of the post. The installation is identical to that of any other FNF MOD.

What is included in VS RON B-SideFull Week?

  • New skin
  • New remix of one of the songs.

Download VS RON B-Side for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download

Latest updates to VS RON B-Side

  • v1.0 – First release