VS Pokemon Wooper FNF MOD [Full Week] – Download

Download VS Pokémon Wooper FNF MOD – New release of Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us a very well worked MOD and with one of the most addictive themes: Pokémon. This time we will have to face Wooper, the previous evolution of the famous Pokémon Wwobbuffet that is characterized by always accompanying Team Rocket.

VS Pokemon Wooper

Regarding the songs, I have to say that this is a MOD that has pleasantly surprised me, since the quality of their songs is quite acceptable, apart from the fact that every Pokémon fan will love to play some of the most mythical songs of the saga in Friday Night Funkin’. In total we can enjoy 2 different songs, the first will remind us of the tune of walking through the forest in Pokémon, while the second is clearly the melody of a Pokémon battle, yes, both are a remake.

In the graphical and visual aspect, it should be noted that VS Pokémon Wooper has a very good job behind, just enter the game we will have a custom home screen, throughout the game we will see certain animated scenes that give dynamism to the plot; in turn, we see some details as GF will carry a Pokeball in his hand as a good Pokémon trainer.

In conclusion it is a fairly complete MOD, of good quality and with a musical section that any Pokémon fan will love, which is why we highlight VS Pokémon Wooper FNF MOD as highly recommended.

New features of VS Pokemon Wooper FNF MOD

  • Customized startup screen
  • 2 unreleased songs.
  • Animated scenes of very good quality.
  • End Screen well worked.
  • Graphic details such as GF and its Pokeball that give a good atmosphere to the MOD.

Download VS Pokemon Wooper for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0