FNF VS Pixelated Shaggy FULL WEEK – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

FNF VS Pixelated Shaggy is a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that introduces the mythical “Shaggy” in week 6 of the game, including a new week in which to face the new pixelated version of the character. It should be noted that this is a fanmade MOD, and does not belong to the official developers of either the game or the original MOD.

VS Pixelated Shaggy FNF MOD

While it is true that the 3 new songs included in the new week do not reach the spectacularity of what we have been able to see in the MODs in which Shaggy appears, the truth is that they are quite difficult anyway. The differentiating detail in this case is simply the new pixelated version of the character, which will be a delight for lovers of week 6 of the game (I personally like several MODs inspired by the style of week 6, such as VS Monika or VS NEON).

It’s clear that it’s far from being a MOD comparable to the original, but it’s a different version that still many players will have trouble beating. It’s far from the best fanmade version that has appeared of a famous MOD, but it’s pretty good.

New features of VS Pixelated Shaggy FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • New pixelated version of Shaggy.
  • New week with 3 songs of medium/high difficulty.

Latest updates of VS Pixelated Shaggy

  • v1.0 – MOD release

Download FNF VS Pixelated Shaggy

Link x64 – Download

Link x32 – Download

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