VS Pirate-Guy FULL WEEKs (FNF MOD) – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Pirate-Guy FNF MOD can deceive by its appearance at first glance, but it is a very complete MOD (it has 3 full weeks) full of different plot twists that will make you face a pirate and his parrot. It is one of the MODs with more content of the last weeks.

VS Pirate Guy FNF MOD

In FNF VS Pirate-Guy you will be able to enjoy no less than 9 new original songs, divided in 3 different weeks (two against the pirate and one against his parrot). All the songs (or the vast majority) have certain pirate tints and melodies, and several of them are absolute bangers (at least I liked them quite a bit).

Although the first week VS Pirate-Guy FNF MOD is relatively easy to overcome, the truth is that both the second and third weeks have a fairly high difficulty. It is one of those MODs that is going to become famous for posing a complicated challenge to FNF players, entering fully into the top of the most difficult (and complete).

VS Pirate Guy Week 3

While it is true that graphically it is not a very worked MOD, the songs, the background changes in each song, the history of the MOD and the different details included make it a very interesting option. Do not be fooled by its appearance and enjoy one of the best MODs of recent weeks (at least for those who value the gameplay above all).

New features of VS Pirate-Guy FNF FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • 3 new full new weeks for the game.
  • 2 new characters.
  • 9 new songs.
  • Numerous new backgrounds.
  • New dialogues.
  • Different skins for the main character.

Latest updates for VS Pirate-Guy

  • v1.0 – Version with 3 weeks

Download VS Pirate-Guy for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download