VS Piglin FULL WEEK (FNF MOD) – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

FNF VS Piglin is a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a new week in which you can face Piglin, one of the new Minecraft mobs in its latest updates. In addition, we will face him in his natural habitat within Minecraft, the Nether.

VS Piglin

The full VS Piglin week contains 3 new songs for the game, totaling about 5 or 6 minutes of gameplay. The truth is that the songs are not the strong point of the MOD, except for the third one, which does have a more moving and interesting gameplay. The first two songs are in my opinion too slow.

What stands out most of FNF VS Piglin is undoubtedly its artistic part, more specifically the skin of Piglin, which in my opinion is quite well designed. The background is not bad, but does not have many details. If you like Minecraft, this MOD can be a good choice.

What’s included in VS Piglin FNF MOD

  • Complete new week.
  • 3 new songs.
  • New opponent: Piglin.
  • New background.

Download VS Piglin for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download

Latest VS Piglin Updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week Version.