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Download Friday Night Funkin VS OOD & Play Online – New featured MOD of Friday Night Funkin’, which stands out for the quality and quantity of content offered in its new week. It is one of the best releases in recent months for multiple reasons, although it also has several flaws that significantly worsen its quality (which we’ll talk about later).


The first thing that stands out about FNF VS OOD is the large number of songs included in its original week (a total of 5), to which must be added the 3 additional songs offered in the Freeplay menu. It should be noted that the MOD has been created with the intention of being particularly difficult, which is noticeable in its charts (which some users criticize for being absurdly difficult, which can stop being fun after a certain limit). The fifth song of the week is the most special of the whole MOD, as it includes the most powerful version of OOD, and multiple effects in the charts that add quite a bit of difficulty.

The artistic part of VS OOD is undoubtedly one of the strengths of this MOD, which includes different skins/versions of the main character, and different scenarios throughout the week. The bonus song characters are somewhat less worked, with the special versions of the 3 perasonages (OOD, BF and GF) for the special song OODpurgation being the best in this aspect.

Overall, it is one of those MODs that has the features and personality to gain a lot of popularity among the community, despite not being the perfect MOD.

New Features of VS OOD FNF MOD

  • New full week
  • New character: ODD + some additional characters in the bonus songs.
  • 5 new songs + 3 bonus songs.
  • New backgrounds and multiple scenarios.
  • New special notes.
  • Chart effects.
  • Extreme difficulty.

Download VS OOD for Friday Night Funkin’

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