FNF Vs NeedleStick Sonic [DEMO] – Download MOD

Download FNF Vs NeedleStick Sonic – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes Sonic as the main antagonist, but in a quite different version. If you were BF walking down an alley and when you got to the trash can you found a Sonic doll, what would you do? Challenge it to a rap battle, right? Well obviously that happened.

Vs NeedleStick Sonic

VS NeedleStick is a MOD with a quite well worked content, at the moment it includes a song with new vocals for the doll version of Sonic. In this confrontation one of the most graphically outstanding elements is this new Sonic skin, which looks really good. Of course, it also features custom background and custom home screen. In future updates the MOD will include a full week with three songs and even two extra songs.

Download FNF Vs NeedleStick Sonic for Friday Night Funkin’

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New Vs NeedleStick Sonic FNF MOD Features

  • New song
  • New version of Sonic: NeedleStick
  • Custom background
  • Custom startup screen

Latest MOD Updates

  • v0.1