VS Loki FULL WEEK (FNF MOD) – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Loki is a new MOD for FNF that allows us to face one of the friends of GF and GF, Loki, in a new exclusive week for the game. Downloading this MOD is totally recommended, as the content it includes is of quite high quality.


Loki, the friend of BF and GF, will invite us to his house to hang out playing video games and rapping. The new week VS Loki contains 4 songs that have charts very well adapted to the music. The difficulty of the songs is intermediate overall, without being too easy or difficult at any point in the week. The gameplay offered by the MOD is overall quite well done and the 4 songs are fun and entertaining.

The artistic part of the MOD is 10, with a very careful design of both the new background of the week and our opponent. In addition, we will have small redesigns for GF and BF, which this week will appear with some other novelty: GF has the Switch controllers in his hands. The design of the different assets has a lot of attention to detail, and it is noticeable with just a few seconds playing the MOD.

It is an interesting MOD that we recommend downloading to those who value above all the artistic part of the MODs, who do not want to face weeks of very high difficulty.

New VS Loki FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

  • New full week for the game.
  • 4 new quality songs, with new charts.
  • New background.
  • New opponent: Loki.

Latest updates for VS Loki FNF MOD

  • v1.0 – First official version of the MOD.

Download VS Loki FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download

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