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In VS Black Imposter, we get a new installment of one of the MODs that has caused the greatest sensation in the Friday Night Funkin‘ players’ community. This time we will be able to enjoy a new confrontation against the black Imposter, which will be accompanied by a new song and a new scenario where the combat will take place.

VS Black Imposter

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In this new version of VS Black Impostor we can see how the black impostor has been dealing with a lot of problems having to prove his innocence to the rest of his crew. This time we will have to finally check if he is deceiving us or not.

As we mentioned, throughout the song we will be able to see how now the impostor has renounced his initial role and tries to be just another companion, so even if we miss a note he will not attack us. In this new songVictory“, it takes place in the Victory screen instead of the “Defeat” screen as in the previous time.

Throughout this song, we find a more strident and sharp sonority in the notes of the impostor that remind us of the song from the famous horror moviePsychosis“.

New features of VS Black Imposter FNF MOD

  • New song
  • New background
  • Original appearance of “Black Imposter”

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