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The X Event is a MOD of Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) in which you can face XChara, Ink!Sans and X!Gaster (added in the last update), from the universe of Undertale. It is a MOD that is gaining a lot of popularity, and that after the last update, which already includes the whole week, sneaks directly into the club of the best MODs of FNF so far.

As soon as you access the MOD you will see the first novelty of all: a very peculiar interactive menu. The MOD has three songs, one for each of the opponents. The curious thing about this MOD is that it divides the three confrontations by difficulty level, in order to include challenges of all kinds for players of different levels. It should be noted that both the graphics (skins and backgrounds) and the songs are of great quality. It is undoubtedly one of the best designed MODs to date.

It should also be noted that the cinematics of this game and the RPG (very simple) that includes make it one of the most creative MODs, since all tend to add the same elements over and over again. The X Event has been placed in just a few days in the TOP of most wanted and popular MODs of FNF, and we can assure you that it has not been by chance. We recommend 100% the download of this MOD to any FNF player.

Update 01/05/2021 – The MOD has already been published in its Full Week version, in which we can enjoy a new Vs Gaster confrontation and all the details surrounding the new week.

What’s included in The X Event FNF MOD?

  • Three new characters (XChara, Ink!Sans and X!Gaster).
  • Three new characters (XChara, Ink!Sans and X!Gaster).
  • A new week, called week X.
  • New songs with custom charts, including 3 levels of difficulty for each song.

Latest updates to The X Event MOD

  • V3 – Full Week
  • V2 – Added Ink!Sans and the song Inking Mistake.
  • V1 – Added Xchara and the song OVERWRITE

Download Friday Night Funkin The X Event MOD

Name The X Event MOD
Game Friday Night Funkin
Size 180MB
Developers NyxTheShield
Version V2
Date 01/04/2021

Link – Download