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In Shaggy X Velma we find a new release for Friday Night Funkin’ in which we will enjoy several exciting encounters. First of all it should be noted that in this MOD we find a total of 5 songs in which we can face several characters. There will be, in addition to the confrontations of Shaggy X Velma, a special appearance at the end of the MOD in the secret song where we will have to face the famous character Matt.

shaggy x velma

As for the musical section, in Shaggy X Velma we find a lot of songs with one of the biggest difficulties to date. In the first two songs we will play Velma in her fight against Shaggy where there will also appear several animated scenes that will introduce us into the story. Later on, the confrontation between BF vs. Shaggy and Velma will begin and they will form a team to increase the difficulty. It is at this point that we find a substantial increase in the complexity of the songs, where there will be a total of 7 arrows that we will have to press almost immediately as they appear at high speed. Finally, if the difficulty seemed little, Matt will also appear to join Shaggy and Velma, this time we will have to face the 3 characters, taking into account that the MODs in which Matt appears always tend to be the most complex.

As for the graphical aspects, this MOD stands out for the increase of arrows that appears, a custom chart as a rhombus that we will have to press as another key. In addition, we also enjoy several cutscenes where we are describing the situation and the history of the MOD that will complete the internal narrative of the clashes.

New features of Shaggy X Velma FNF MOD

  • Full week
  • 4 songs + 1 Secret Song
  • Skin by Velma
  • Cutscenes
  • More Arrows
  • Matt’s Apparation (Secret Song)
  • Skin of Matt

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week