Salty’s Sunday Night FNF MOD (Full Game Rehaul) – Download v1.1

Salty’s Sunday Night is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) that completely revamps every week of the game, being one of the MODs that includes by far the most new content. Downloading Salty’s Sunday Night will give you access to a complete overhaul of the game, including new songs and characters for every week of Friday Night Funkin’.

Salty's Sunday Night FNF MOD

Despite being a relatively new MOD, just by looking at all the content it includes and the quality of it, you can already predict that it is going to gain abysmal popularity in a very short time. Salty’s Sunday Night replaces each of the game’s characters with new opponents, all following the same style.

The MOD replaces all the songs in the game with new custom songs for the MOD, which feature their own rather well-designed charts. In addition, Salty’s Sunday Night also replaces the Groom Skin with a new one. It also includes Kade Engine as a base, which is always appreciated when playing FNF.

As you can see in the video below, this MOD includes almost 40 minutes of new FNF gameplay, which is a beast.

What’s included in Salty’s Sunday Night FNF MOD?

  • Complete overhaul of all the skins in the game
  • New songs for the full game.
  • New charts for every song.
  • Working with Kade Engine.

Latest updates of Salty’s Sunday Night for FNF

  • v1.1 – Chart improvements.
  • v1.0 – Cheers

Download Salty’s Sunday Night FNF MOD

The MOD can be downloaded from the following Google Drive mirror, which contains the latest update available.

Link – Download

How to install Salty’s Sunday Night in FNF

This MOD already has its own executable file, so you won’t need to install it. Simply unzip the file you downloaded and enjoy this spectacular revamp of Salty’s Sunday Night.

Trailer and review of Salty’s Sunday Night FNF MOD (video)