Ruv Remaster FNF MOD (Reanimated Skin) – Download

Ruv Remaster is a MOD for FNF (Friday Night Funkin’) that allows us to renew the animations of one of the most mythical characters in FNF modding: Ruv, from Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses. Downloading and installing this MOD will allow you to simply change Ruv’s animations, and does not give access to any additional features.

Ruv Remaster FNF MOD

It is worth noting that the new remaster of this prized Skin is for the better, featuring some very interesting details. There are certain moments when Ruv has to rap several notes in a row, and he goes so fast that he leaves behind him a trail of his silhouette. This effect is undoubtedly the best part of this new Ruv remaster.

What’s included in Ruv Remaster FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

  • Ruv Remaster of Ruv animations.

Latest updates for Ruv Remaster FNF MOD

  • v1.0

Download Ruv Remaster FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download

Link – Download Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses

How to install Ruv Remaster in FNF

To install this MOD, you will need to first download Sarvente’s MOD, in which we face Ruv in the third song. We will have to copy the MOD files into the Mid Fight Masses file folder, to replace the old skin with the new one.