Mii Funkin’ FNF MOD (VS Eteled & More) – Download

Mii Funkin’ is a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that promises to become one of the most spectacular in history, both in quality and content. It’s a MOD that was announced during the F3 event a couple of weeks ago, and that has already shown us some information.

Mii Funkin'

Just by looking at the list of developers that make up the team developing this MOD, you can already get an idea of how much we can expect from Mii Funkin’ for FNF. The group of developers in charge of it is Modding Funkers. Among what we already have confirmed (mostly what has been seen in the trailer) we can highlight:

  • New VS Matt Remixed week.
  • New week VS Eteled.
  • Miiverse.
  • Mii Funkin Super Funk Bros.

Mii Funkin' VS Eteled

In addition to all this, the OST of one of the songs that will be part of Mii Funkin’ VS Eteled week has also been released. You can check it out here:

Download FNF Mii Funkin’ (Friday Night Funkin’ MOD)

For now the MOD is in development phase, so it is not available for official download. We will have to wait a few weeks for the release version of this fantastic MOD to be published.