FNF Funk Jammin’ – Play Online & Download

Download FNF Funk Jammin’ – New update of the MOD “Every Copy of FNF is personalized” from Friday Night Funkin’. This new version of the MOD includes a total of 6 new songs based on “FNF animations” featuring songs and characters such as “Family Dinner” by Saide, “Funk Fair by Penniless Ragamuffin”, “FUNKY GRANDPA” by Oditharge and “Every fan of FNF” by GreenRetroman. This MOD offers a quite remarkable graphic section in which the inspiration based on the mentioned animations stands out.

Download FNF Funk Jammin’ for Friday Night Funkin’

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Funk Jammin’ FNF MOD New Features

  • New Weeks
  • 6 New Songs
  • New Backgrounds
  • New Characters
  • Custom Menu
  • New Animations

Latest MOD Updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week