FNF ExSUSgation VS Sussy Imposter (New Song) – Download

Friday Night Funkin’ ExSUSgation (VS Sussy Imposter/Nex-sus) is a new fanmade reversion of Tricky’s original MOD in which the song Expurgation is replaced by a new and very elaborate reversion, called ExSUSgation. This MOD not only replaces the “secret” song of the MOD, it also includes a good amount of special details that make it a quite attractive option.


FNF ExSUSgation gives us a new version of Expurgation for the last song of the MOD. This one comes with a new opponent, Nex-Sus, which is made up of several imposters, and features custom phrases with references to Among Us. It’s a very interesting reversal of the original skin that, combined with other additions, such as the new special notes, the panels that block our vision or the sections in which life is lowered in a mandatory way, makes up one of the most interesting songs that have appeared in recent days.

One of the details that I like the most is the new animation to access the song, which now also includes an imposter that we have to click to open the access to this new reversal of the song. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting fanmade reversions of one of Tricky’s stages, so it is totally recommended to try it.

New features of FNF ExSUSgation: VS Sussy Imposter

  • New ExSUSgation song, replacing Expurgation
  • New character: Nex-Sus
  • New mechanics: special notes, panels that take away vision and more.
  • New background and dialogues.

Download FNF ExSUSgation VS Sussy Imposter (Over Expurgation)

Link – Download

Latest FNF ExSUSgation updates

  • v1.0 – Expurgation song reversion.