Friday Night Defending – Ace Attorney FNF MOD – Download

Friday Night Defending (Ace Attorney) is a new MOD for FNF that replaces all the original characters of the game with characters taken from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It should be noted that this MOD includes neither recharts nor new songs, it is only an aesthetic rehaul focused on including characters from the Ace Attorney universe in FNF.

Friday Night Defending: Ace Attorney FNF MOD

The quality of all the skins is quite good, as well as the animations of each of them. These are some of the skins included in this MOD and the characters it replaces:

  • BF: Phoenix Wright.
  • GF: Miles Edgeworth.
  • Daddy Dearest: Manfred von Karma.
  • Spooky kids: Kay Faraday and Sebastian Debeste.
  • Pico: Godot.
  • Mommy Mearest: Franziska
  • Monster: Blue Badger

Friday Night Defending FNF MOD

New Features of Friday Night Defending Ace Attorney FNF MOD

  • New skins for all the characters in the game, inspired by Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

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Download Friday Night Defending: VS Attorney

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