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Friday Night Chunkin is undoubtedly a completely different MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that will not leave you indifferent. This is really a completely heartbreaking story in which a villain corrupts our naive protagonist through greed. It is a very peculiar story in which we will learn that good and evil are more similar than we think, although we are already used to this kind of things. Friday Night Chunkin consists of a total of 5 complete weeks, with a large number of songs of varying difficulty, in addition, it includes a whole series of new characters with which to face us in battles without equal.

Friday Night Chunkin

As we were commenting at the beginning of this post Friday Night Chunkin consists of a total of 5 complete weeks with a huge amount of songs. In them we can see a series of animals that will be facing each other, as well as including a whole series of animated scenes with dialogues that will introduce us to a story with a lot of background. As a main feature of these songs we can see that the characters are constantly changing, with new opponents who will be fighting each other. The songs have a pretty good rhythm and melody, they are diverse and offer a varied range throughout the weeks. In the same way, we find some with a higher level of difficulty without being tremendously complicated.

In the graphic section we can find a whole series of novel elements to which we are not accustomed. In Friday Night Chunkin we can see how all the characters increase in weight and size as the songs progress, and we can also see how in the background there are always details with food themes. As we advance along the confrontations, all the characters we face get considerably fatter with each song, reaching extraordinary dimensions. In addition, we must emphasize that the drawings consist of a very high level of quality, as they are very well defined and in HD. It is important to mention that throughout the MOD there are several changes of scenery, providing a variety of backgrounds in which we will fight against all these new characters. In short, we can conclude that this is a completely original MOD and very work, with exceptional graphic quality and a very consistent internal coherence.

New features of Friday Night Chunkin FNF MOD

  • 5 new complete new weeks
  • New characters
  • New story
  • Numerous Cutscenes
  • Changing backgrounds
  • New characters
  • New story

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week