FNF VS Whitty Remixed FULL WEEK – Download MOD

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Whitty Remixed is a new fanmade reversion of the famous VS Whitty MOD, which includes new sprites redrawn with a somewhat different style and new versions for the three songs included in the week. While it does include some pretty interesting redesigns of the week’s content, some of the included tweaks to the songs make the gameplay experience a bit worse (though it’s something that may be fixed in a future update).

VS Whitty Remixed

In FNF VS Whitty Remixed you can enjoy 3 new remixes of the 3 original songs of the MOD, accompanied by new charts. Both the new vocals and the new charts are improvable, which worsens a little the playability of the MOD compared to the original version. However, they are correctable details, so a simple update could fix them.

What stands out most in this new reversion of Whitty are undoubtedly its new graphical inclusions, although the character does not vary so much from the original. The truth is that with some more work this MOD could perfectly become the perfect alternative to the original version, as it would offer the same songs but with decent graphical improvements.

New features of VS Whitty Remixed FNF MOD

  • New redesigned Whitty sprites
  • New remixes of the songs.
  • New vocals (improvable).
  • New dialogues.

Download VS Whitty Remixed for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download

Latest updates to VS Whitty Remixed

  • v1.0.