Friday Night Funkin’ VS TME is a new MOD for FNF quite remarkable, which offers us a new week in which we will face TME along 3 new songs for the game. However, as the MOD is still in its DEMO phase, for now we can only access the first of the 3 songs it offers.


In this first DEMO version of the MOD we can already see some flashes of quality, indicators of how interesting the MOD could be when its Full Week version is released. The only song we have been able to see so far is already quite remarkable and interesting for being the first song of the week, and we are sure that the Full Week version will bring more surprises apart from the missing songs.

FNF VS TME is a MOD that was announced during the Funkin’ Forward event, which compiled different trailers of upcoming releases of renowned FNF MODs. After a long wait, we can now enjoy a small sneek-peak of what will be the full version (which we won’t know when it will be released). One of the details that I like the most for now is undoubtedly the initial cinematic, and for sure it’s not the only one included in the full version.

New features of VS TME FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • New week
  • New character.
  • 3 new songs (the DEMO contains 1).
  • New dialogues.
  • New dialogues.
  • New cinematics.

Download VS TME for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download

Latest VS TME updates

  • v0.1 – DEMO