FNF VS Soft Taki MOD [Fanmade] – Play Online & Download

Download FNF VS Soft Taki – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ in which we find a fanmade version of Taki, with a fantastic cover in which we can see the Soft version of Taki. We are facing a MOD that focuses especially on the visual section, achieving a very well achieved result.

Soft Taki

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VS Soft Taki offers us 3 songs called “Crucify”, “Bad Nun” and “Gospel”. These are covers of songs in which this character appears. These songs have a high difficulty level, with the last song of the MOD being the most animated. The confrontation this time will take place between BF and Taki, while Pico appears as a spectator accompanying BF.

Graphically, FNF VS Soft Taki offers us a new design for Taki in Soft style, and also includes the Soft skins of BF and Pico. In this design we see Taki in a cute version, but he still has his saw. It also has a new custom background that refers to MFM, and a custom home screen. This is an ideal MOD for those who enjoy the aesthetic changes of the characters, it also adds a new character from the Soft version family, who will be next?

New features of VS Soft Taki FNF FNF MOD

  • New Week
  • 3 New Covers
  • New characters
  • Soft Skin and designs

Download VS Soft Taki for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – FULL WEEK