VS Rosie FULL WEEK Updated! (Pick n’ Pluck FNF MOD) – Descargar

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Rosie (Pick n’ Pluck) is a new MOD for FNF that offers us a tremendous quality in all aspects in a new week for the game in which we will face Rosie, a new opponent quite peculiar. In the story of the MOD, Rosie sees how BF and GF invade her clan’s territory, so she challenges BF to a rap battle to gain respect in order to gain access to that area.

Vs Rosie Phase 3

The new week of VS Rosie includes 3 quite interesting new songs, which are accompanied by very well designed charts that from the second song onwards get quite complicated to beat. Although the MOD music is pretty good, it’s probably the least remarkable aspect of the whole new Pick n’ Pluck week.

On the aesthetic side, this MOD is spectacular. For starters, it adds incredible quality cinematics, accompanied by new dialogues that set the mood for the new week very well. The scenario in which the entire confrontation takes place, a forest with pink-leafed trees, also has tremendous levels of quality, and offers us a very nice background for the whole week. Likewise, the new Skin of Rosie, which also has an evolution in which she uses a Sniper, is also of a very high quality.

Vs Rosie FNF MOD

Overall, VS Rosie is a very remarkable MOD, with impressive quality for a recently released MOD without any additional updates. I’m sure you won’t regret downloading it and trying it out, as it offers a distinctly different experience than what can be found in other MODs for the game.

New features of VS Rosie FNF MOD

  • Complete new week: Pick n’ Pluck.
  • New opponent in the game: Rosie.
  • New background.
  • New cinematics.
  • New dialogues.

Latest updates to VS Rosie MOD

  • v2.0 – A new mechanic has been added to the third song of the MOD, as well as improvements to the MOD in general.
  • v1.0 – Full Week version of the MOD.

Download VS Rosie for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download