FNF VS Meri Fangirl MOD Funny Update – Download

Download FNF VS Meri Fangirl – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a new character both original and unexpected, it is about a “fangirl” of Ron who wants to date him as a partner. However, Ron is not at all interested in dating, let alone a girlfriend, how will this fun story end? The new update finally answer this question.

Vs Meri (literally every fangirl ever)

VS Meri Fangirl offers us 6 new songs and also 2 bonus songs. These songs offer an upbeat rhythm coupled with new vocals from Ron’s fangirl, which are quite sweet and high-pitched at the same time. These are songs with a rhythm that increases in difficulty and in turn tell a story with dialogue included.

Graphically, FNF VS Meri Fangirl offers a very detailed design of Ron, which has an eye patch with blood and other details that give a touch of humor to the story. It also has a new design for the fangirl and different customized backgrounds in which we see different scenarios and different desings for the characters.

It also offers a customized start screen, arrows with customized design, a new skin for Meri Fangirl and a new demon design for the cat that accompanies her. This MOD is similar in concept to the Sky MOD, but offers a much more humorous atmosphere.

New features in VS Meri Fangirl FNF MOD

  • 2 New Weeks
  • 6 New Songs
  • 2 Bonus Songs
  • New Character: Meri
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Custom Arrows
  • Cutscenes with dialogues

Download VS Meri Fangirl Week 2 for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

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