VS Crash Bandicoot FNF MOD (FULL WEEK) – Download

FNF VS Crash Bandicoot – This is an update where the complete week with all its content is finally revealed.  In this new MOD we are offered the opportunity to face Crash Bandicoot, which implies a guaranteed fun for lovers of classic video games. We have 3 complete songs plus 3 cutscenes with dialogue between Crash, Aku Aku, BF and GF.

VS Crash Bandicoot

In VS Crash Bandicoot we find a total of 3 new songs for the whole week. As we are used to, we will be able to enjoy an increasing difficulty as we advance in each confrontation. Personally, as a fan of the Crash Bandicoot universe, I consider that the songs included do justice to the original melodies used in the video game saga.

In this MOD we can highlight the artistic quality of the character designs. At the very beginning, during the introduction, the classic home screen for play station 2 is emulated, a detail that will not go unnoticed by regular players. In general it is a MOD that will attract a large audience due to the popularity of the original game, which have managed to maintain the essence and aesthetics graphically. Also in VS Crash Bandicoot the developers have played the trump card of nostalgia for a whole generation that grew up having fun with this classic character in the world of video games.

New Features of VS Crash Bandicoot FNF MOD

  • 3 unreleased songs
  • New character: Crash Bandicoot.
  • New background (with the addition of the mask, Aku Aku).
  • 3 Cutscenes with dialogs.

Download VS Crash Bandicoot for Friday Night Funkin’

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