VS Cirno FNF MOD [Full Week] – Download

Download VS Cirno FNF MOD – New release of Friday Night Funkin’ for the celebration of Cirno Day, which brings us this MOD called FNF VS Cirno (Chirumiru). For those of you who don’t know who Cirno is, she is one of the main characters of the Japanese origin video games Touhou Project or Project Shrine Maiden.

VS Cirno

As for the music section, the MOD has for now only one song available: Chirumiru, in which we will face Cirno in a musical duel to see who is better. The song is quite well achieved, and that fans of Project Shrine Maiden video games will know perfectly. As for the graphical and visual aspect, it is a fairly simple MOD, as main novelties we will have the Skin of Cirno, as well as a Background unpublished to date.

As new mechanics of the game it should be noted that this MOD provides us with a countdown of 2 minutes in which we will have to survive our duel against Cirno, yes, we will be informed of our percentage of success and how much time we have left to take the victory.

New features of VS Cirno FNF MOD

  • Special MOD for Cirno Day, inspired by the Touhou Project video games.
  • Customized Cirno skin.
  • Unreleased background.
  • Song inspired by Project Shrine Maiden.
  • New countdown mechanic.

Download VS Cirno for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0